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Energy Efficient Window Film Installation

Energy efficient window films help you control energy costs in your home – saving you money throughout the years and creating a more comfortable home.

Energy costs associated with heating and cooling your home can add up and contribute to a significant amount of your household expenses. Residential window film with energy efficient heat control are a great way to keep your utility bill lower.

Heating and Cooling Your Florida Home

According to Florida Power and Light, for every one degree you raise your indoor temperature, you can save about five percent on monthly cooling costs. The recommended temperature to keep your thermostat at is 78 degrees while home and 82 degrees if you are away. With the average outdoor temperature in Southwest Florida reaching the mid to upper 90s in the summer, the costs of keeping your house cool can add up!

Window films reject heat and eliminate UV rays so that your air conditioning won’t have to work as hard to keep your home at a comfortable temperature. Designer window films reject almost 100 percent of damaging ultraviolet and a significant amount of solar energy.

Energy Efficient Window Films Available

  • Non-Reflective Ceramic Window Film stops heat and protect your interiors with a clearer view over traditional dyed, reflective, or dual reflective films.
  • Mirror Reflective Film creates a “one way mirror” effect on your glass, so it looks like a mirror from outside while providing a clear view from inside.
  • Metallic Reflective Film is similar to mirror reflective film, with a toned down metallic reflective look instead of a full mirror.
  • Dual Reflective Film are engineered to create a mirrored effect with maximized heat rejection while providing a cool and comfortable interior.

Get Energy Efficient Window Film in Your Home

Start saving on energy costs and make your home cool and comfortable with window film installation. Our expert team will help you chose the right residential window film for your family’s needs. Contact us today for a quote!

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Residential & Commercial Reflective Window Films

Residential window films allow you to enjoy natural light while still feeling secure and protecting your home from the harmful effects of Sun Damage. For commercial properties, with the protection of window tinting you can increase the safety of your inventory or equipment when you chose a reflective film.