Cars speeding down the highway with a sunset on the horizon.

UV Protecting Car Window Films

Majority of Americans receive a substantial amount of sun damage while driving. You can get UV protection from car window tinting with films that reject heat and solar energy.

Damage from UV Rays

UV rays can damage skin on the cellular level, causing wrinkles, age spots, and skin leathering. They are also responsible for 90% of all skin cancers. These harmful rays can damage your car’s interior, fade upholstery and panels.

Most windows and windshields are not UV resistant or only block a small percentage of UVA radiation. Car window tinting is a great way protect yourself, your car, and its occupants from damage caused by the sun’s harsh rays.

UV Protective Car Window Tinting

Some ordinary window films do not provide technology to block significant amounts of UV rays. It’s important to select an automotive window tint style that has an ultraviolet filter and an ample percentage of heat stopping. Our popular window film types include:

Solar Gard HP Supreme –

  • Dye/Metal Film
  • 43-49% heat stop
  • Excellent Ultraviolet Filter
  • Good Time-Tested Longevity in SWFL

Rayno Phantom S5 –

  • Nano Carbon Ceramic Film
  • 49-59% Heat Stop
  • Excellent Ultraviolet Filter
  • Excellent Longevity in SWFL

Rayno Phantom S9 –

  • Nano Carbon Ceramic
  • 59-66% Heat Stop
  • Excellent Ultraviolet Filter
  • Excellent Longevity in SWFL

All window films come with a manufacturer limited lifetime warranty as well as a Suntamers 5-year replacement.

Invest in the Health of Yourself & Your Vehicle

With the amount of time we spend in our cars, protecting ourselves from the severe Florida sun is a no brainer. Protection from the sun will also improve the life of your vehicle’s air conditioning system, increase privacy, and increase safety while driving.

By investing in car window tinting, you are investing in the long-term health of your skin and your vehicle. If you are in Southwest Florida, contact Suntamers today to get a quote on car window tinting for your vehicle!

Contact us to get a quote on reflective window film installation at your home or business today!

Residential & Commercial Reflective Window Films

Residential window films allow you to enjoy natural light while still feeling secure and protecting your home from the harmful effects of Sun Damage. For commercial properties, with the protection of window tinting you can increase the safety of your inventory or equipment when you chose a reflective film.