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Top Reasons to Choose Reflective Window Tinting

Reflective window film is a perfect option for your home and business to protect you from the sun’s harmful ray’s while also acting as a privacy film in daylight conditions. Reflective films allow you to see out of the glass, while creating a reflective effect on the glass from the outside. This ensures your privacy, safety, and comfort in your home behind the reflective tint.

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Protect Yourself from Harmful UV Rays

Reflective window tinting is not only effective for privacy, but it will help protect your investment on your home or business by blocking harmful UV Rays. The effect will create a cool, comfortable home while preventing damage from the sun. Reflective window tints:

  • Block 99% of ultra-violent energy, which is the leading cause of sun damage to furnishings and skin
  • Reject TSE (total solar energy), which will lower your air conditioning costs
  • Are safe for hurricane laminated and insulated glass
  • Eligible for Florida Power & light commercial rebates

Different Reflective Tint Options

The great thing about reflective window tinting is that there are multiple options to suit the aesthetic you want to achieve in your home or business. Some options for reflective window tint include:

  • Mirror reflective film which has a “one-way mirror” effect
  • Metallic reflective film which provides privacy with a toned-down metallic look instead of a full mirror
  • Dual reflective film which is engineered to maintain views from the interior through all hours of the day, while creating increased privacy from the exterior.

Privacy films are also available in clear frost, white opaque, and black out for full privacy.

Professional Reflective Window Tint Installation

The quality of your window tinting will depend on the company you chose to work with. When you work with a professional and experienced window tinting company, you can ensure that your window tint is going to be long lasting and effective.

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